Al Halal Overseas | The Craftsmanship

About Us

Al Halal Overseas is about craft and design. To create a new product in response to a need for an alternative to the machine manufactured object, and for the joy of creation.

We explore craft and materials to find a new idiom. One that gives traditional crafts a new direction while creating a product relevant to a contemporary home. In the exchange, we find a balance between art and industry, with slower and more sustainable forms of enterprise.


Our hand-hammered and chased texture collection explores possibilities with artisans who traditionally make utensils and other decorative objects using sheet metal. The skill and dexterity of working on metal with traditional tools are amazing to watch - the transformation of a flat sheet into a beautiful 3-D object.


Nature offers endless inspiration. Across our collection of tabletop and home decor accessories, accents of nature add the soft touch of delicate form and extraordinary texture. Maintaining a light touch in our metal interpretation is the effect we specialise in.


In the age of mass production, the possibility of a product that is custom made is a seductive luxury. With its plethora of artisans and crafts, India remains one of the few countries that can bring such visions into reality. Semi-precious stone, large sculptural brass casting, overlay, sheet work … the possibilities are unlimited.

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